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Dr. Vumson Suantak, Advisor of Zomi Innkuan D.C

Memorial Webpage

Zomi Innkuan D.C Official webpage

Memorandum.... Memorandum... Memorandum... Zomi/Chin Hero...The Father of Zomi/Chin/Mizo/Kuku Re-unification...The great Nationalist...In Loving Memory of Dr. Vumson Suantak....


                                                          Photo: Dr. Vumson Suantak, Ph.D

He is also known as the Father of Re-Unification among Zomi/Chin/Kuki/Mizo.. Let's continue his re-unification idea/movement and vision. It is the time to Unite our people as he wishes..

Brief Biography of Dr. Vumson Suantak

Date of Birth : November 9, 1937

Place of Birth: Tamdeang, Tedim Township, Chin State, Burma.

Date of Deceased: September 19, 2005, Laurel Hospital, Maryland, USA.

Educational Background


1957  - Matriculated from Tedim State High School, Tedim Township.

1961  - BSc. (Geology & Chemistry) Rangoon University                                  

1965  - M.Sc. (Petroleum Exploration at the Mining Academy) Freiberg Germany.

1969  - Ph. D (Doctor of Natural Science) Bergacademie, Freiburg - Germany                                                   



1970 - Geochemical Exploration of Trace Elements (in German version)                             

1986 - Author of Zo History (in English) 



He worked as a Geologist in Burma, Germany, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, and the United States.


Social and Political Activities

1987- 2005

  • Foundation for Democracy in Burma /member and for five years served as its President.

  • Member of Committee for Restoration of Democracy in Burma

  • Founder of Chin National Council and Chin Freedom Coalition (Washington) and Chin Forum (Ottawa),

  • Founder, Former Chairman, and Advisor of  Zomi Innkuan Washington D.C (USA) since 2001. Zomi Innkuan D.C Chairman 2001 from 2004.

  • Member of the Board of Consultants of the Political Affairs Committee of Chinland,

  • Human Rights Activist since 1987.

  • Founding member of Zomi Literature Institute (ZOLITE)

  • Member of the Zo Re-Unification Organization (ZORO) since 1995 and served as coordinator. USA branch ZORO President.

  • Member of Advisory Board of the Chin National Community Japan.

  • Lecturer in Non-Violence Actions, Human Rights and Minority Rights.

  • Represent Chin Forum in Constitution drafting federal and state in various Burma related seminars.

  • Worked together with the NCGUB from 1991 to 1999 and other organizations.

  • Promote Peace and Democracy in Burma and encouraged armed groups for peace negotiations. 

  • He political activities involved, among other works, lobbying Congress and the US Government for the cause of bringing democracy to Burma and giving interviews to the media such as the BBC, Voice of America, and the Radio Free Asia etc.


Photo: His Childhood, with his Family, Standing second from left


  Father - Pu Ngul Zam

  Mother - Pi Neam Mang


Photo: Seen together with his two daughters and grandson


  1. Nu Mang Khan Cing ( Bianca Son) - Germany
  2. Nu Zam Lian Vung (Liana Suantak) - Germany


  1. Otilio - Germany
  2. Sononar - Germany

                              Photo: seen with his brother Pu Ngo Cin Thawng's Family in Maryland

Brothers and Sisters

  1. Pa Suak Kang - Tam Deang, Tedim Township, Chin State, Burma.
  2. Nu Vung Khai - Tam Deang, Tedim Township,  Chin State, Burma.
  3. Pa Cin Za Dal - Tam Deang, Tedim Township, Chin State, Burma.
  4. Pa Lian Kop Cin - Yangon, Myanmar
  5. Pa Ngo Cin Thawng - Chairman, Zomi Innkuan D.C, Maryland, USA.


** Brief biography and information references:
- Pu Salai Kipp Kho Lian's message
- Tg. Dong Khan Khup's message
- Edited by Pu Ngo Cin Thawng Suantak
- Composed and webpage created by Tg. Thomas On Sian Mung and Zomi Innkuan D.C News group.


Photo: Dr. Vumson suantak (67)

Dr. Vumson Links

Photo: Zo History book Cover and Dr. Vumson (in 1986)



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Hun lopi in mual nong liapsan maw..

Nong lamlak sa..Nong thu vaikhakte..na mabante..

Zomi Momno khangthakte in..maciang tun dong na phungphuh nung..

Nongit Zomi tampite in luankhi naubang na nulnul nung ee...

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